About Us


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Mission and Vision


To be a among the best internationally recognized institutions in roads fund management.


To provide sustainable funding for road maintenance to implementing agencies through collection, disbursement and monitoring its utilization for socio-economic wellbeing of the public

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Functions Of the Board


The functions of the Board as provided in the Road and Fuel Tolls Act Cap 220(Revised edition of 2006) with respect to the Fund are:

a)      To advise the roads Minister on new sources of road and fuel tolls, adjustment of rates of existing roads and fuel tolls and on regulations for collection of road and fuel tolls for the purpose of ensuring adequate and stable flow of funds to road operations;

b)      To apply the money deposited into the Fund for the purposes approved by the Parliament;

c)      To set out procedures for agents with respect to the collection of roads and fuel tolls for the purpose of the Fund;

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In order to handle its day to day affairs, the Roads Fund Board put in place a Secretariat comprising of the Roads Fund Manager, three Deputy Managers; one for Finance and Administration, Technical services and the other for Resource Mobilization. There are also two Planning and Monitoring Engineers; Internal Auditor; Procurement Officer, ICT Officer, HR Officer, two Resource Mobilisation Officers, an Accountant, two Engineers, two Office Management Secretaries, an Office Attendant cum Registry Clerk and two Office Messengers cum Drivers.

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