History of the Board

The roads Tolls Act, 1985 enacted by the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania on 26 July 1985 provided for the imposition and collection of tolles on the vehicular use of public roads and for other matters related to roads tolls. The tolls were treated as normal government revenues. Two Road Funds were established under  two separate declarations made by the Minister for Finance at different times. The first  declaration called the “DECLARATION TO ESTABLISH A SPECIAL ROAD FUND”. Or  “THE ROADS FUND”  was made in august 1991, and  the second , the “DECLARATION TO ESTABLISH THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ROADS FUND” was made in august 1992.  The Roads Fund was to be used to meet maintenance cost for regional coare roads as well as to fund the rehabilitation and maintenance of urban and district roads. Funds were to be derived from the road toll levied on petrol and diesel and various sources levied on motor vehicles such as motor vehcile licenses,  motor vehicle registration etc.

 As the fuels were established in accordance with section 17(i) of the “Exchequer and Audit Ordinance” (Cap 439) which  empowers the Government to establish a special fund, and being only and administrative procedure, the declaration had no legal force and hence no legal liabilityfor failure to comply with the declarations Thus, in order to give the Fund some legal force and secure more stable financing for road maintenace and the management of the funds, the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania enacted the roads Tolls (amendment) (No.2) Act. 1998 which established the road Fund and the Roads Fund Board.  The Act was revised in the years 2006 and is now refered to as the road and Fuel Tolls Act, CAP 220 (Revised editor 2006).

The Board came into operation in the year 2000 and was located in TETEX House along Pamba road Dar es Salaam.

The first chairperson  of the Road Fund Board was Mrs Rose Mange’nya who was followed by Mr Philip A. Magani. The currect chairman is Mr. Joseph O. Haule.